Varicose Veins
  • Common Causes:

Conditions which cause standing for prolonged periods of time

Familial or Hereditary



  • Signs & Symptoms:

Pain, aching or heaviness in the lower extremities

Skin discoloration

Visible, enlarged veins or spider veins

Redness, itching or dryness (dermatitis or eczema)

Skin Ulcers

Valve Incompetency           

  • Diagnosis:

Physical exam

Doppler ultrasound

  • Treatment we offer:

Medical treatment- (Leg elevation, compression stockings, anti-inflammatories and exercise)

Laser ablation – (Laser energy used to seal incompetent vein) for large varicose veins

Sclerotherapy – (vein injection) for spider veins

Removal of the incompetent values (minimally invasive)

  • Prevention:

Exercise regularly

Avoid prolonged standing

Sit properly

Eat a high-fiber, low-salt diet

Elevate your legs

Wear compression hose

Maintain a healthy weight

Avoid high-estrogen birth control pills

Change sitting or standing position regularly

Avoid high heels and tight-fitting clothes